Tethys Health Ventures was founded by executives with extensive experience in Managed Transplant, Risk Management, Network Management, Stop Loss, Reinsurance, Government Program Advocacy, and Case Management.  Tethys is privately held by our management team with corporate headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Our Story

Tethys started as a Managed Transplant Program.  Since inception, we have helped so many people who've needed our help.  If you don't believe us, read the Testimonials.  We have knowledgeable and caring Case Management Coordinators, who guide the transplant patients through an often long and difficult journey.  We have dedicated Claims Account Managers who ensure all claims, including expenses, are paid in a timely manner so as not to complicate an already complex process.  We have dedicated support staff who ensure these Account Managers and Case Managers have everything they need to do their job well.  We've taken our knowledge and the services we provide for the Managed Transplant Program and replicated them for our other products to help reduce the risk for Health Plans and Self-Insured Employers.  Tethys currently offers an Employer Stop Loss Program, an Employer Transplant Carve-Out and an Advocacy Program.  All the services we provide for the Managed Transplant Program are provided with these products including, Tertiary Case Management, Eligibility and Claims Management, Specialty Pharmacy, Provider Negotiation, Re-Pricing and Advocacy Outreach.


Our Focus Is Service

The Tethys difference lies in the exceptional skill and experience of our employees.  Tethys is in business to serve our clients for the long term.  We are committed to building strong, lasting relationships. All service areas from Case Management through Claims Processing to Government Program Advocacy are interconnected and our employees are cross trained to assist in each area.  We recognize the importance of quality administration and friendly service.  Tethys has the right mix of professional, caring staff and advanced data systems to help manage your healthcare cost.  Our success will be measured by your satisfaction.