Providing turnkey stop loss and managed case administration, Tethys Health offers the Tethys Health Transplant Network and Clinical Case Management expertise to better manage complex medical conditions such as solid organ and bone marrow transplantation.


The competitive advantages of selecting the OT Carve-out Option through Arch Insurance are:


OT Carve-out Coverage coupled with Arch ESL will seamlessly disseminate claim dollars to the appropriate policy

Enhanced Network Discounts provided by the Tethys Health Transplant Network

Government Advocacy Programs for Groups from 51-99 employees as well as ESRD and Early Retiree Government Programs---Outreach Performed by Tethys Health

Tethys Health Clinical Case Management and Claim Management Support working collaboratively with the underlying payer



Contact Kathy O'Halloran or Michael Lease at 410-771-0692 or email for additional information.