In recent years, there has been a great deal of attention and conversation around the healthcare marketplace and its opaque and confusing pricing structure. Nowhere else will a consumer be forced to make a decision on a big-ticket purchase without knowing the cost or receiving an estimated quote for services. Today, the cost of fees and services for a complex medical procedure are calculated after the episode of care has been completed, and the negotiation and exchange of information happens between the hospitals and insurance companies who work “on-behalf of the patient”. This model has ultimately failed the consumer, as annual healthcare premiums have risen 5% in 2019, costing the average family over $20,000 for an employer-provided health plan. With the median household income growing only 1.9% YoY (after inflation adjustments), healthcare costs are outpacing income and impeding the average American’s personal financial-growth – regardless of whether they actually participate or need a medical procedure or service each year. There have been calls for change from every level, patient to politician. And though many hospitals and insurers resist the concept of an up-front pricing model - claiming services and charges are too variable to predict -an elite network of hospitals is working with Accarent Health to alter the dynamic of the traditional healthcare market. As a result, Accarent has built a web-based platform that grants access to pre-negotiated fixed bundled-prices for over 150 complex medical procedures from those thought leading academic centers and hospitals. This model allows the healthcare consumer to comparison “shop” for their care. There is no membership fee or PMPM requirement. Consequently, the Accarent program works with any health and benefits plan, and can save large and small groups a significant percentage of their overall healthcare expenditure and significantly reduce the risk of a patient being balance billed for a procedure. Accarent’s new avenue of exchange of healthcare pricing, answers today’s more savvy healthcare consumers’ call to action and refusal to submit to the status quo for their medical service payment methodology. The Accarent Health free market system will be the model of the future.