Innovative Excess Loss Features

Employer Stop Loss Key Features

Arch's Financial Strength


Our products and services deliver innovative solutions and include a wide range of risk transfer options allowing our clients to focus more of their time on the business at hand!  Stop Loss programs are available for both self-insured employer health plans and/or employer transplant carve-outs.


  • Specific Annual Policy Maximums beginning with $1 Million with the availability for unlimited per policy year-with unlimited annual/lifetime options.

  • Specific Advance and Aggregate Accommodation Funding

  • Aggregating-Specific Deductibles

  • Specific Benefits Covered: Medical, Prescription Drugs

  • Specific & Aggregate Traditional and ASO Terminal Liability    

  • Aggregate Benefits Covered: medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs


Key Ratings Issued to ARCH Capital Group LTD.

ACGL and its key insurance and  reinsurance subsidiaries:

  • A.M. Best "A+" (Superior)
  • Moody's "A1" (Strong)
  • S&P "A+" (Strong)
  • Fitch Ratings "A+" (Strong)


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