The Tethys Health Ventures Network incorporates the Tethys Managed Network and Specialty Pharmacy. The network focuses on quality, accessibility and value-based pricing.


Tethys Network


The Tethys Network is built with a focus on selecting partner facilities with optimal outcomes and value-based pricing. The Tethys Network contracts are predominately fixed fee or per diems with the providers taking risk in the services provided. Tethys clients have access to the Tethys value-based rates for non transplant services.


Specialty Pharmacy


The cost of Specialty Pharmacy, Infusion and Injectible medications continue to rise as new medications and treatment plans hit the market. Tethys has many relationships with Specialty Pharmacy vendors who could potentially help mitigate the cost of these medications. Tethys clients have access to Tethys Specialty Pharmacy contracts.


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