Solid organ and stem cell transplants represent a small percentage of overall claims, but are frequently a disproportionate driver of cost.  The increasing expense and frequency associated with transplant procedures have a significant impact on claims reimbursed under employer benefit plans and on the purchase price of various reinsurance products.  With over 30 years of experience in managing transplant risk, Tethys has the ability to build a unique design to mitigate the risks associated with solid organ and bone marrow transplants. Our Managed Transplant and Self-Insured Employer Transplant Carve-Out programs offer dedicated care management teams and transplant center access, better positioning your member and plan for success. The Tethys Leased Transplant program offers access to the value-based Tethys Managed Network.


The Tethys Health Managed Transplant Programs offers Risk Mitigation through:


Clinical and Case Management

Tethys case manager's possess the certifications, the education, skills, knowledge, and experience required to manage tertiary care.

Eligibility, Claims Processing and Auditing

Tethys direct claims payment and auditing ensure claims are paid accurately and efficiently with discounts that exceed other networks.

Coordination of Benefits

Tethys ensures the employer’s health plan is the primary payer before the claim funds are disbursed.

Specialty Pharmacy

Tethys has contracted with Specialty Pharmacy vendors to provide lower cost injectibles.

Tethys Managed Network

A quality network means quality outcomes and substantial savings for everyone.


Tethys acts as your member's authorized representative to secure Social Security Disability Income and Medicare benefits.

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